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Ed and Nick were back in the basement podcasting about all things Super Bowl 50. They give their prediction and how they feel the game will play out. The guys also got into the recent Johnny Manziel situation with his ex-girlfriend and the possibility of Colin Kaepernick coming to the New York Jets.

About Us

The Dishing & Swishing Podcast is a weekly sports podcast co-created by best friends Eddie Murphy and Nicholas Picht who both grew up in the boroughs (Staten Island and Queens) New York and attending Boston University together where they co-hosted “Offsides” at WTBU. The (usually) hourly podcast covers the biggest sports news from the following week, looks ahead to the biggest national sports news coming up and extensively covers the New York sports scene including all nine local area teams.

Our main focus is to blend professionalism while still emphasizing those “New Yawker” fan roots and desire that made us both choose this to pursue careers in this industry. We also tend to go on tangents about regular life stuff too, so we don’t bore you with strictly sports. After all if we had no personality you probably wouldn’t be listening to us, so we hope you enjoy!


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